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1912, 2024 (oil, canvas 60x90)

Black Beast, 2024 (oil, canvas 90x60)


In the flat fields, 2023 (oil, canvas 90x50)

Saving the nation, the scientists of RUE "Belmedpreparaty" synthesized the first Belarusian antidepressant, 2023 (oil, canvas 90x60)


House, 2022 (oil, canvas 80x50)


Watch the death of a strange world, 2021 (oil, canvas 90x60)

Spheres, 2021 (oil, canvas 40x40)

Still Life with Pills, 2021 (oil, canvas 60x70)

Forest, 2021 (oil, canvas 90x50)


The days when evil went away, 2020 (oil, canvas 90x70)

Judgment Day, 2020 (oil, canvas 80x80)

Universal Icon, 2020 (oil, canvas 80x60, gold leaf)

Temple, 2020 (oil, canvas 60x70)

Owl, 2020 (oil, canvas 50x70)

Nature morte, 2020 (oil, canvas 50x70)

Spring, 2020 (oil, canvas 90x70)


Two introverts, 2019 (oil, canvas 15x15)

Projective test with non-existent animal, 2019 (oil, canvas 80x60)

Kali and Shiva, 2019 (oil, canvas 100x50)

Goldfinch, 2019 (oil on panel 33.5x22.8 cm)

The light from Venus reflected from the upper layers of the atmosphere and caused an explosion of swamp gas, 2019 (oil, canvas 90x60)

Heron who dreamed of becoming a Woodpecker, 2019 (oil, canvas 60x70)


Retrofuturism, 2018 (oil, canvas 8050)

Night forest, 2018 (oil, canvas 6090)

Red cow, 2018 (oil, canvas 8060)

Night, cows, 2018 (oil, canvas 9060)

Beast in the void, 2018 (oil, canvas 8060)

Monk, 2018 (oil, canvas 60x80)


Unconsciousness, 2017 (oil, canvas 42x26) For sale

Meditating Nun, 2017 (oil, canvas 8060)

Scandinavian Minimalism: Morning, 2017 (oil, canvas 8060)

Creation procedure

Scandinavian Minimalism: Evening, 2017 (oil, canvas 8060)

Hundred Dollars, 2017 (oil, canvas 8050)

The bitcoin private key was encrypted in this painting. The one who solved this riddle, was able to take a hundred dollars.

Ophthalmologic Hyperrealism, 2017 (oil, canvas 8060)

Pink Light, 2017 (oil, canvas 8060)

Morning, 2017 (oil, canvas 8060)

Creation procedure


Goose and Honey Badger, 2016 (oil, canvas 6080)

Just for Today, 2016 (oil, canvas 9080)

Creation procedure

Addicts of drugs not yet synthesized, 2016 (oil, canvas 8080)

Creation procedure

Dream about naloxone, 2016 (oil, canvas 8060)

On air, 2016 (oil, canvas 6060)

Vipassana Glitch, 2016 (oil, canvas 9080 cm) For sale

Jammed, 2016 (oil, canvas 6080 cm) For sale

Creation procedure

Regress, 2016 (oil, canvas 6080 cm)


Narcissistic Disorder of the Schizoid, 2015 (oil, canvas 8060cm)

Trauma, which became part of the landscape, 2015 (oil, canvas 8080cm)

Empire of Light 65 years later a tribute to Magritte, 2015 (oil, canvas 10080cm)

Quietly, 2015 (oil, canvas 8080cm)

Joyfully, 2015 (oil, canvas 8080cm)

Winter, 2015 (oil, canvas 12080cm)


Moon, 2015. Stars are visible in UV light. (oil + transparent UV paint, 6060cm)

Twins, 2015 (oil, canvas 8060cm)


Greyhound, 2013 (oil, canvas 8060cm)

Carpet, 2013 (oil, canvas 10065cm)


IKEA, 2012 (acrylic, canvas 12040cm)

Lukashenko, 2012 (oil, canvas 5040cm)

Saiga, 2012 (oil, canvas on cardboard 3030cm)

Cow, 2012 (acrylic, canvas 8060cm)

Train, 2012 (acrylic, canvas 8030cm)


Oven, 2011 (acrylic, canvas 4030cm)

Radio, 2011. Painting looks like radio and behaves like radio. (acrylic, radio parts, plywood, 4030cm)


Sasha seduces Sasha, 2009 (oil, canvas on cardboard)

Sumatra, 2009 (watercolor, paper)

Jakob Kulich with fish, baked in its own juice, 2009 (watercolor, paper)


About the assimilation of norms, 2006 (oil, canvas on cardboard)

No new mail, 2006 (oil, canvas on cardboard)

Ryaguzov, 2006 (oil, canvas on cardboard)